How we work

The Preamble "Creativity meets Pragmatism"

Our ambition is to create an integrated sustainable CSR-risk management system. Our recommendations follow a risk-based approach to identify and mitigate supply chain risks. It is also aligned with the steps of the OECD Due Diligence.

Our concept is based on four working steps, which we complete in close consultation with member companies. A combination of individual exchange and independent elaboration brings us together to achieve your company’s goals.


First assessment (Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR)

It is our true ambition to maintain and continuously improve established procedures and standards in the best possible way. With the help of an initial questionnaire, developed especially for this purpose, we look at the existing structures and processes with regard to corporate responsibility in the supply chain and identify possible weaknesses.


Qualitive Evaluation

Based on the initial assessment, we grade the company’s performance using a traffic light system. At first glance, this allows to assess the existing measures and processes and see, where short-term optimization potential exists, and in which areas a company should expand its efforts. This evaluation takes the form of a report, which is discussed and explained in close consultation with the company representatives.


Recommendations for Action

Based on the evaluation report, we develop individual recommendations to improve corporate actions in all areas of due diligence. We give special attention to the company’s own structure and processes. Our mission is to create detailed measures, examples, and templates, so that companies can easily integrate them into existing structures. MARS also takes the companies’ time and budget capacity into account and creates different models to meet individual requirements.


Implementation phase

MARS assists companies throughout the entire implementation process. This includes the development of a strategy, as well as practical support during implementation. In this way, MARS develops individual CSR solutions, strategic documents and action plans that are specifically tailored for each individual customer. MARS aims to be your key partner for the development and implementation of training courses for employees, business partners and other stakeholders. Furthermore, MARS can provide assistance with CSR reporting.